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[26 Sep 2016|10:40pm]
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Cricket Icons [24 Jul 2007|12:46am]
[ mood | creative ]

11 Cricket Icons


Long time, no iconageCollapse )

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Note: It's a long time between icon making sessions for me, which is something I really should rectify. I'm not overly happy with this lot but I've been told I over analyse things so here be my offering of icons.

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Cricket Icons [10 Dec 2006|12:55pm]
16 Cricket Icons
4 Simon Jones
3 Ian Bell
2 Geraint Jones
2 Chris Read
2 Ed Joyce
1 Steve Harmison
1 Fred Flintoff
1 Ian Bell and Geraint Jones


An experimentation in colours and cricketersCollapse )

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Note: Havnt made icons in ages so please excuse my rustiness. I tried experimenting in different colouring this time. And no the two of Ed arnt the same one with a text element added. If you look closely the colouring is different.
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